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The Popular Challenge by Penguin

The challenge by Penguin:

Look Pretty, be pretty:

'How do you get to be pretty? By having a pleasant personality. Sounds simple, but it isn't. For a pleasant personality means that you must be affable, considerate, generous, open-hearted and polite.' - Betty

'I've met so many people, and Betty's lesson is much deeper than I ever expected: I wanted popularity; I wanted other people to like me. But it turns out most people are waiting to be discovered too.' - Maya

Your task:
Betty says that it’s not enough to just pay attention to your looks, being pretty on the inside is just as important. We challenge you to carry out an act of kindness - doing something kind for someone else. Maybe it’s sending a thank you note to a friend, or offering to help out with a good cause - or even just making a cup of tea for someone who needs cheering up! Send us an account of what happened - either in written form, or as a photo or video.

My entry:

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